Megan Stetze

I was initially referred to Dr. Romy to help balance my hormones after going off of the birth control pill after 15+ years taking it. I had also been diagnosed with endometriosis and wanted to attempt to heal it naturally instead of taking more synthetic hormones. She had me feeling better and balanced in just a few months from natural supplements, diet changes and exercise routines.

Through our work together in regulating my hormones she suggested she could also help heal my gut. I have celiac disease and as a result of it, I developed severe egg and nut allergies. I hadn’t eaten eggs or nuts in 8+ years. She diagnosed me with a SIBO overgrowth and once we were able to treat that through diet, natural supplements and lifestyle changes, I now have eggs every day and have slowly been able to reintroduce nuts with absolutely no issues!

My inflammation and bloating is down significantly and at times completely nonexistent. I love that everything was natural, and simple to follow. Nothing was terribly restrictive or uncomfortable.

I feel the best I’ve felt in 10+ years and I can’t thank Dr. Romy enough for that! I’ve referred tons of friends and family to her and I’d highly recommend her! Megan Stetzel 35 years old.


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